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    A few improvements: · b058ef64
    Robert Ricci authored
    Fix a bug with limited trivial link bandwidth. It used to be the case
    that we penalized solutions that over-used the trivial bandwidth based
    on the number of links that were over it. Turns out this was a
    problem, if you had links of differing bandwidths, and were near the
    limit. Certain orderings were possible where you would remove two
    trivial links in a different order than you added them, which might
    result in more (or fewer) violations being scored then when you did
    them originally. The fix for this is to penalize these based on
    bandwidth, which is what assign now does.
    Added a '-g' flag, which does greedy link selection - assign normally
    does random link selection until the very end, when it does one pass
    with greedy selection. This flag makes it do this all the time. This
    is useful for debugging, because it cuts out a call to random(). Turns
    out, it doesn't seem to make assign much slower. I might consider
    making it the default.
    Better output when the selftest (-T) fails.
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