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    New program, called at prerun time, to generate a virtual topology · a9dea43d
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    file in the experiment tbdata directory. This topo file is intended to
    be used on the node to generate inputs to dijkstra and genhostsfile,
    so that routes and /etc/hosts can be generated on the node, rather
    then in tmcd, where it creates a huge bottleneck during experiment
    startup of very large experiments (many 100s of nodes). This topo file is
    slightly more rational then just dumping DB rows like we do from the RPC
    server. For example:
    	# nodes: vname,links
    	node-1,lan0: link0:
    	# lans: vname,mask,cost
    Usage: gentopofile [-n] pid eid
    The file is written as "topomap" in the current directory.  Use the
    -n (impotent) option to dump the topofile to stdout rather writing to
    the file.
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