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    Fix the 1-event-per-second limitations. Poll until I don't get more · a77a1559
    Mac Newbold authored
    events. This may delay handling of other stuff that happens in my main
    loop, but not by too much. To prevent skew, everything (including reload
    frequency) is done strictly by seconds elapsed, not by iterations or
    I found that even polling for multiple events without sleeping, I could
    only handle a little over 1 per second when I was calling inuse/statetime
    for additional info on every event. Even though this only happens in the
    worst case (every event is wrong), it won't do. So I took that out. I'll
    probably end up adding a faster lookup of the info I need (mostly
    reservation, and what osid it thinks it is running). That change took it
    up to at least 4 per second (as fast as I could send them manually), more
    than 4x our previous performance. So we should be able to keep up now.
    Also, add the support for "announcements" to testbed ops when I die and
    such. (Been in a few days, but this is the first commit of it)