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    Split the experiment stats table into two parts. The first is the · a382994d
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    per-experiment instantiation with aggregate data like the number of
    swapins, the dates and the like. The other part is the per
    swapin/modify stats. These are number of pnodes, links, lans,
    etc. Long term, I think we want more precise swapin stats, and with
    experiment modify in the mix, we need to have multiple stat records
    per experiment, but do not need to duplicate all the stuff in the
    other table just mentioned.
    To reduce the amount the table size, we cross reference the tables by
    index only instead of with pid,eid and the like. We use exptidx to
    link experiments, experiment_stats, and the new experiment_resources
    table. experiment_resources and stats are linked by another index in
    the resources table, which indicates which is the current resource
    row. On a modify, a new resource record is created, and the stats
    record updated to point to the new (latest) resource record.
    Web Changes: Improve showstats and showexpstats. Make them user
    accessible so that mere users can see stats for themselves and for
    their projects. No ability for mere users (PIs) to look at another
    person's stats. Generally, these two pages need more work, but now
    they are more useful. I added Show Stats to the user info and project
    info pages to display per-usr/proj stats. Add more info in the
    showstats display, but the showexpstats display is still not pretty
    printed; just the raw tables.
    Rename a few fields, add some indexes, and otherwise make some minor
    changes that are sure to annoy everyone.