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    Add support for all node "tb-set-tarfiles". · a0d0c95e
    Kevin Atkinson authored
    "tb-set-tarfiles" is like "tb-set-node-tarfiles" except that it
    distributes the tarfile to all nodes rather than just one and that it
    uses frisbee to distribute the file.
    These changes involved 1) refactoring frisbee info from images table
    into a new table, frisbee_blobs, 2) a new experiment_blobs table, and
    3) a new tmcd command so the node knows how to get the files from the
    The changes where designed to be general purpose enough to eventually
      1) Distributing arbitrary files (not just tarfiles) to nodes
      2) Perform arbitrary actions on those files
      3) Use arbitrary methods to get the files
    As such the tmcd line is as follows:
      URL=* ACTION=*
    where URL is currently:
    for example
    and when we get around to using a master Frisbee server it could be
    or it could be a file://, http://, etc.
    and ACTION is currently:
    for example
    with future syntax to be determined.