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    Another round of widearea node hacking for CMU. These changes add · 99346dc0
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    widearea reloading support.
    * New slot in the images table to store an access key which remote
      sites must provide in order to download an image (via https).
    * tmcd returns a different kind of ADDRESS field from doloadinfo.
      Instead of the multicast stuff, return a URL that points to boss'
      web server. The URL is of the form:
      which as you can see is fully specified; the client does not need
      to know anything else.
    * New webpage and backend scripts appropriately called "spewimage"
      which also includes support for the http HEAD request (from wget) to
      avoid downloading images that are already on the node. I just
      learned about this HEAD request stuff today ... but otherwise these
      operate as expected, spewing the image if the access key is provided.
    * Changes to rc.frisbee to deal with remote loading. In addition to
      URL support, I also added support for simple paths, the intent being
      that we will probably distribute images offline (say, at night) so
      that when a node reboots it doesn't actually have to wait 60 minutes
      for an image to download. I have not added any server side support
      for this yet though. Maybe later this week.
    * Other bits and pieces and fixes to make this work.