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    Add support for disk agents. This is just the plumbing, Yathindra is · 95ada2d1
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    doing the real/hard work. Anyway, in your NS file you can do this:
    	set newdisk [new Disk $ns]
    	$newdisk set node $n0
    	$newdisk set type foo
    	$newdisk set mountpoint /qq
    	$newdisk set parameters "foo bar fee"
    	$newdisk set command "bla bla bla"
    The parameters and command are optional and default to null. Then on
    your node, tmcd returns:
    	DISK DISKNAME=newdisk DISKTYPE='foo' MOUNTPOINT='/qq' MOUNTPOINT='foo bar fee' PARAMETERS='bla bla bla'
    Note that there is no client support code in this commit.
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