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    Various tblog changes: · 95a3a6a7
    Kevin Atkinson authored
      Make an attempt to discover what the error was before an swap-* was
      canceled, if any.  Both the main error (canceled) and the other error
      are stored in the error table.  To support this a new column in the
      error table is added "rank".  The primary error has a rank 0 while the
      other error has a rank 1.
      Make an attempt to determine when an error is a "me too" error or the
      real cause of the problem.  "Me too" errors are errors which are
      generally reported when the callie script determined that the caller
      script fails.  The caller script should have reported the error, but
      in some cases the error didn't make it into the database.  Thus if a
      "me too" is reported as the cause of a "swap-*" more info is needed to
      determine the true cause.  When a "me too" error is reported it is
      followed by a "..." on it's own line.  It is also recorded in the
      errors table under the new column "need_more_info".
      Add inferred column to the errors table.  This is the same value as
      the inferred variable in tblog_find_error.
      Add revision column to errors table to make it easy to tell which
      algorithm was used to determine the error.