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    Support for two new "loadinfo" options BIOSDISK and CONSOLE. · 94a298ea
    Mike Hibler authored
    BIOSDISK is passed through from the DB bootdisk_bios_id and is used to
    set the GRUB root device (in situations where grub disagrees with freebsd
    or linux about the primary boot device).
    CONSOLE is used to set the console device for an image's boot loader and
    kernel. Choices are "null", "vga", "sio", (the historic choices) along
    with "vid" (same as vga), "sio1" (same as sio), "sio2", "sio3", and "sio4".
    The FreeBSD slicefix script works for FreeBSD 9.x and above as well as
    Fedora, Ubuntu and CentOS. It will work with FreeBSD 8.x and earlier if
    the in-image /boot/loader is fixed to avoid hanging while polling a UART.
    This should be used in conjuction with one of the new
    pxeboot.emu-{null,vga,sio1,sio2,sio3,sio4} versions of pxeboot which
    will customize the FreeBSD kernel in the frisbee and admin MFSes.
    The console can be set via the "console_type" node_ or node_type_attribute
    tables in the DB. The "pxe_boot_path" attribute should also be set to
    reflect the appropriate /tftpboot/pxeboot.emu-* version for the console type
    Note that by default (no console_type or pxe_boot_path), nodes will continue
    to use the default /tftpboot/pxeboot.emu which can either be linked to one
    of the above new version, or could just be the current pxeboot which will
    not mess with the console settings.
    Finally, note that I made the changes to linux/slicefix, but they are only
    for FreeBSD images and are untested. The Linux grub-based pxeboot as well
    as linux_slicefix would still need to be changed for this to work under the
    "Linux MFS". Task for another day as I already spent waaaaay to long on this.
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