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    Support 64-bit FreeBSD on the server side. · 9036d314
    Mike Hibler authored
    NOTE: currently only for FreeBSD 7.3 installs because that is the only
    set of boss/ops/fs packages I have built so far!
    This mostly involved minor changes to event agents. Too often we were
    passing a pointer to a "long" to *get_int32, which on a 64-bit x86 OS would
    fill the wrong half of a 64-bit variable. There was also one instance of
    TCL code that had to be tweaked to account for 32- vs 64-bit.
    These changes also required regeneration of SWIG stubs and an ugly change
    to the SWIG generated code to use va_copy rather than direct assignment in
    a couple of places.
    Also related to SWIG is ensuring that the components that go into the
    perl/python stub .so files are built with PIC. The amd64 linker requires
    The meta-ports had to be changed to reflect that linuxthreads and
    ulsshxmlrpcpp don't work on amd64. The former had little effect as we
    had mostly eliminated uses of linuxthreads already. The one thing that
    did change was that we do not build nfstrace on amd64 (and we don't
    currently use this anyway). Removing ulsshxmlrpcpp required switching
    to the new event scheduler (event/new_sched) that Ryan did awhile back.
    Note that it is only "new" in the sense that it uses a standard XMLRPC
    package, there should be no functional differences. However, to be safe
    we only use new_sched as the standard scheduler on 64-bit server installs.
    Finally, added support to elabinelab setup to do a 64-bit server install.
    Just specify FBSD73-64-STD as the boss/ops/fs osid and rc.mkelab should
    do the rest.
    That is pretty much it other than some random nits here and there.