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    Move editgroup page form logic to a backend Perl script. · 8fffc2f3
    Russ Fish authored
         www/editgroup.php3 - The reworked PHP page.
         www/editgroup_form.php3 - Removed, form merged into editgroup.php3 .
         www/showgroup.php3 - Link to editgroup.php3, rather than editgroup_form.php3 .
         www/group_defs.php - Add an Image::EditGroup class method
                                bridging to the script via XML.
         backend/{editgroup,GNUmakefile}.in configure configure.in - New backend script.
         db/Group.pm.in - Add an EditGroup worker class method for script arg checking.
                          Also the missing NonMemberList and CheckTrustConsistency methods,
                          and a GETTRUST flag to MemberList, as in the PHP version.
         db/User.pm.in - Add the missing but tiny {Set,Get}TempData methods.
         sql/database-fill.sql - Add gid_idx to the table_regex 'groups' checking patterns.