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    Remove SWIG from the build process - unfortunately, it's slightly · 8ffb8cf4
    Robert Ricci authored
    broken. Also, it made me slightly uneasy that there was no way to
    prevent swig from putting one of its generated files in sorce
    directory. So, I've just checked in the two major files that get
    generated by SWIG, so that the make rule that runs it never gets
    One of the reasons for doing this is that swig generates slightly
    broken code when the -exportall (which does perl module exports
    correctly) arugment is given. A very minor amount of manual tweaking
    of the generated .pm file can fix this problem. So, the checked in
    copy of event.pm has these tweaks applied.
    As a result of all of this, exports work correctly in the event perl
    module, so the hacky practice of putting your program in the event
    namespace is no longer necessary.