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    Changed the way that snmpit decides what switches to operate on for the · 89be15ec
    Robert Ricci authored
    'tables', 'reset', and 'synctables' commands. Rather than assuming all
    VLANs live on the One True Experimental Net Stack (unless -S was given),
    they all now check the database to see which stack they should be operating
    Changed how stack information is currently stored in the database. The
    LAN attribute formerly known as 'stack' is now called 'class', and has
    two valid values, 'Experimental' and 'Control'. The idea is to record
    whether something is an experimental net or control net LAN, not which
    specific stack it's on. The 'stack' column in the VLANs table now
    records the actual stack_id on which the VLAN has been created.
    This is all in support of testbeds that have multiple experimental-net
    stacks, as Utah currently does.
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