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    Add two calls to CM interface; SliverStatus() and SliceStatus() which · 85ea76eb
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    allow you to find out the status of your sliver. As you can guess, one
    takes a sliver credential and the other takes the slice credential.
    See the test scripts test/slicestatus.py and test/slicestatus.py. Both
    calls return the same thing. In pythonese:
    {'status': 'notready',
     'details': {'de9803c2-773e-102b-8eb4-001143e453fe': 'notready'}
    The 'status' is a summary of the entire aggregate; if all nodes are
    ISUP then the status is 'ready'
    The details is an array of the status of each sliver, indexed by the
    sliver uuid.
    Probably need to define a better set of status indicators, but this is
    the one that was bothering me the most.