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    Bunch of changes for "management" interfaces (ilo,drac,etc); make · 85b81867
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    management interfaces more of a first class citizen instead of a
    hack. New script:
    management_iface -t <type> -a [key|pswd] [-s <switchinfo>]
                            <node_id> mac IP arg1 arg2
    management_iface -r <node_id>
      -h       This message
      -t type  Management type; ilo, ilo2, drac
      -s info  Optional switch info; switch,card,port
      -s -     Search output of switchmac to find switch info
      -a pswd  Password auth; provide login and password.
      -a key   SSH key auth; provide login and key path.
      -r       Remove management interface from DB.
    which adds the management interface to the database (interfaces,
    outlets and outlets_remoteauth. Optionally adds the wires table
    entry if you add -s option. Uses switchmac to find the switch info or
    you can specify it on the command line. So for example, here is what I
    did to add the ilo2 interface for a node:
    management_iface -t ilo2 -a pswd -s - pc1 e8:39:35:ae:c9:7c \
            elabman mypasswd
    management_iface -t ilo2 -a key -s - pc1 e8:39:35:ae:c9:7c \
            elabman /root/.ssh/somekey
    Of course someone had to have added the elabman user and key or
    password to the ilo config via its interface. 
    * dhcpd_makeconf will add local node management interfaces to the
      config file. We can set them to dhcp instead of hardwiring the IP in
      the management interface.
    * The DB changes add a management type to the enums in the interfaces
      and wires table, and updates the existing interface entries.
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