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    Semi-major reworking of the main body of snmpit, in order to support · 82fc120d
    Robert Ricci authored
    multiple operations. For example, you can now remove multiple VLANs with
    one command, like:
    snmpit -o foo -o bar
    You can now give more than one -i option, so that you can give a list of
    more than one switch to operate on, like:
    snmpit -i cisco3 -i cisco4 -l
    Converted from using Getopt::Std to Getopt::Long, which is more flexible and
    better documented.
    All the 'worker' ( do*() ) functions now take a list of stacks as the first
    argument, rather than using a global @stacks variable.
    Fixed up the usage message, which was out of date in some cases, and
    innacurate in others.
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