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    Small change to suexec code. This change has the potential for creating · 7e731fba
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    unanticipated breakage. If that happens, just need to back out the
    changes under the "suexec-stuff" tag. However, the better solution will
    probably be to fix the PHP scripts that break by adding the proper
    groups in the call to suexec (in the web page, see below) or by fixing
    the backend Perl script that breaks.
    This fix is primarily to address the problem of some users being in more
    groups (cause of subgroups) then the max number of groups allowed
    (NGROUPS).  The groups that really mattered (say, for creating an
    experiment in a subgroup) could be left out cause they were at the end
    of the list.
    * suexec.c: Change how groups are handled. Instead of taking a single
      gid argument (the gid to setgid as), now takes a comma separated list
      of groups. Further, instead of doing a setgroups to the user's entire
      group list as specified in the groups file (getgroups), setgroups to
      just the groups listed on the command line, plus the user's primary
      group from the password file (this is to prevent potential breakage
      with accessing files from the users homedir, although might not really
      be necessary).
      This change is somewhat rational in the sense that in our case, suexec
      is not being used to run arbitrary user code (CGIs), but only to run
      specific scripts that we say should be run. The environment for
      running those scripts can be more tightly controlled then it would
      otherwise need to be if running some random CGI the user has in his
      public html directory.
    * www: Change the gid argument to SUEXEC() in a number of scripts so
      that the project and subgroup are explicitly given to suexec, as
      described above. For example, in beginexp:
    	SUEXEC(gid, "$pid,$unix_gid", ....);
      Aside: note that project names (pid) are always one to one with their
      unix group name, but subgroup names are not, and *always* have to be
      looked up in the DB, hence the "unix_gid" argument.
      Script breakage should require nothing more then adding the proper
      group to the list as above.
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