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    Two sets of minor changes. · 7d0f59e6
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * In the parser, make -n (impotent) and -a (anonymous) more
      independent. Used to be that -n required -a, but that makes the
      preparse less useful, since it cannot catch project related errors
      (like bad osids, or node type permissions), and so the user does not
      get that until the email message later. Thats so annoying, even Mike
      whined about it.
      Note that impotent mode is sorta misnamed now, since the parse never
      operates on the DB. Rather, impotent mode now skips doing the XML
      output phase (still aptly named updateDB!).
    * Add -p (pass) option. I added this for my script that was parsing
      all the old NS files to get renderings. In this case, I do not want
      -n or -a; I want to upload the results into the DB, but the project
      related checks are obviously going to fail since I was doing it
      inside the testbed project. So, -p turns on some of the anon checks,
      and later might be used to turn certain features that are no longer
      supported, since all we really care about is the toplology (some NS
      files failed on old features and syntax).
    Upon reflection I think these three options could probably be rolled
    into just two, by cleaning up the current impotent and anonymous
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