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    Possible fix using shared lan and wanting to use the 10G interface: · 7b5eb1bb
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * In the CM we have always ignored the BW settings on a shared lan,
      since there is no way to set the properties in geni-lib for such a
      lan. There is the local hack I added (linkwide properties), but that
      was also ignored for shared vlans. Now I am looking to see if there is
      a bandwidth specification there, and using that. I assume we do not
      care about delay/loss since well, we never have before.
    * But even so, the mapper was ignoring it too. But we also have the code
      that tries to not use 10G interfaces unless explicitly asked for a 10G
      link, and that is not in the shared vlan path. So ... I made a few
      changes, the worst that can happen is that I broke share vlans for
      everyone except this one case.
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