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    Two versions of a python jail for running geni-lib scripts. · 794fe4d4
    Mike Hibler authored
    genilib-iocage uses the FreeBSD "iocage" jail management package to
    setup a jail, run the script, and teardown the jail. Unfortunately,
    this version is really, really slow (11 seconds for a one-shot jail).
    So instead we will use genilib-jail which uses the template jail instance
    I built using iocage, but creates the one-off jails by using raw zfs and
    jail commands. It runs in about 1.3 seconds. genilib-iocage is left in
    case the author speeds it up someday.
    N.B. these are NOT plug in replacements for rungenilib.proxy.in.
    In particular, the new scripts run as root and don't do any validation
    of the caller or arguments. So genilib-jail will be called from rungenilib
    for now (though I have not done that part yet!)
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