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    libdb changes: · 78ad260c
    Mac Newbold authored
    - add functions to recursively dump hashes and arrays into a string
      suitable for printing as debugging output (great for data structures)
    - add three new trigger strings
    - add 'use strict', do corresponding cleanup
    stated changes:
    - move special-cased stuff in handleEvent for PXEBOOTING and BOOTING into
    - clarify (via comments) the existing kinds of triggers and which ones run
      when, and add a new kind (global "any-mode" triggers). We already had
      per-node mode-specific, per-node any-mode, and global mode-specific
      triggers. Now you can have a trigger that is good for any mode in a
      given state, that can be overridden on a mode-specific basis. This is
      great for PXEBOOTING, BOOTING, and ISUP, since they each have a trigger
      list that should be run regardless of what mode you're in. Now they only
      require 3 entries instead of 3*N that have to be maintained per mode.
         # A note about triggers:
         # "per-node" trigge...