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    Support image PUT (aka, "upload") and assorted minor changes. · 77dbad39
    Mike Hibler authored
    1. Support for PUT.
    The big change is support for uploading via the master server, based heavily
    on the prototype that Grant did. Currently only host-based (IP-based)
    authentication is done as is the case with download. Grant's SSL-based
    authentication code is "integrated" but has not even been compiled in.
    The PUT protocol allows for assorted gewgaws, like specifying a maximum size,
    setting a timeout value, returning size and signature info, etc.
    There is a new, awkwardly-named client utility "frisupload" which, like the
    download client, takes an "image ID" as an argument and requests to upload
    (PUT) that image via the master server. As with download, the image ID can
    be either of the form "<pid>/<emulab-image-name>", to upload/update an actual
    Emulab image or it can start with a "/" in which case it is considered to
    be a pathname on the server.
    On the server side, the master server takes PUT requests, verifies permission
    to upload the ima...