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    Fixes to how port configuration is done (for trafgens and tunnels, · 76396510
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    and now sshdport). First off, take the DB out of the loop. There is no
    reason to do DB locking since local nodes are not shared, and even if
    they were, we now allocate port ranges to each experiment when it uses
    virtual nodes (which is the only way to share a node anyway), so there
    is never a case that port allocation between experiments has to be
    coordinated. The only locking that is done is when the range is
    allocated to the experiment, buts that done only once, and only if the
    experiment uses virtual nodes (local or remote).
    Also, now that its easy to create lots of jails on a single node, its
    a good idea to give each one their own ssh port. This is recorded in
    the DB nodes table (sshdport) and returned in the jail config from
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