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    Add support for dynamic registration of ports on experimental nodes so · 73102ef8
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    that clients and servers can avoid using hardwired ports on those
    experimental nodes. I have added the following tmcd operation:
    	tmcc portregister <service> [<port>]
    where we assume its the control network IP (from the DB), and the pid/eid
    of the node the experiment belongs to. The given port is entered into
    the port_registration table for the experiment, using the service as the
    tag. Supplying port=0 clears the registration from the table.
    When called like:
    	tmcc portregister <service>
    we return the registered port, or nothing.
    I hacked up a little C library module in libtb so that there is something
    that looks like a C interface to this:
     	PortRegister(char *service, int port);
     	PortLookup(char *service, char *hostname, int namelen, int *port);
    The above routines call out to tmcc of course.
    Lastly, I changed the sync server and client to use the new port
    registration, via the library calls above.
    There are other emulab services that need to be changed as well, but
    they can be done on an as needed basis.