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    The Emulab Knowledge Base! · 6f08c442
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    Okay, I implemented a primitive Knowledge Base! The current contents are
    *all* the existing FAQ entries, which I entered manually. Here are the
    * My reason for doing this is that we need something very simple. The wiki
      is too much of a barrier, and its search capabilities are pathetic.
    * The search page for the Knowledge Base is:
      Fairly primitive keyword search. Turns out that mysql 4.0 has a bunch for
      really good text searching functions built in, but we run 3.23 ... so I
      had to roll it myself. So, its a simple keyword (space or comma
      separated) search, no regular expressions.
    * Each DB record has a "faq_entry" flag, so creating the current FAQ on the
      fly from the DB is easy. See:
    * In reddot mode, you can add new KB entries:
      The form is fairly obvious but here are details anyway:
        Section Name: Choose an existing title, or make u...
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