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    David Johnson authored
    * emcd.c:
       - minor changes, mostly comments. this is next to fix up.
    * vmc-client.c:
       - minor changes to tell vmcd about the last packet in a frame
    processing cycle (via MTP_POSITION_STATUS_CYCLE_COMPLETE being set in the
    last update_position packet of a frame processing cycle).
       - maybe other stuff...
    * vmcd.c:
       - massive changes to handle tracking of robots from data passed from
    vmc-client, and to handle ID association.
    * mtp.h:
       - updated structs request_id and update_id to include a `request_id'
    field so that we can uniquely track requests (since they're asynchronous).
    * mtp.c:
       - revamped code for above mtp.h changes.