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    Add prelim support for using linktest. Because of problems, this is · 6cdccbd2
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    currently available to only people with stud=1 status in the DB.
    * www/tbauth.php3: Add a STUDLY() function to check that bit.
    * www/linktest.php3: New page to run linktest on the fly. The level
      defaults to the current level in the experiments table, but you can
      override that via the form on the page.
    * www/showexp.php3: Add link to aforementioned page. STUDLY() only.
    * www/beginexp_form.php3: Add an option (selection) to set the linktest
      level for create/swapin. Defaults to 0 (no linktest). STUDLY() only.
    * www/editexp.php3: Add an option to edit the default linktest level
      for an experiment. STUDLY() only.
    * tbsetup/batchexp.in and tbsetup/swapexp.in: Add code to optionally run
      the linktest, sending email if it fails (exists with non-zero status).
      Failure does not affect the swapin.