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    Two unrelated changes. · 6762e839
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1. Use information from sliverstatus to indicate that nodes have startup
       execution services running, and then tell then when they have finished,
       and they exited with non-zero status, indicate that they failed. We also
       hold saying the "ready" in the upper panel until all the services have
       exited, we say "booted" instead, and also say that nodes are running
       startup services.
    2. For snapshot, when we know an image has to be copied back to its origin
       cluster, tell the web interface, so that we can add another step to the
       imaging modal ("copying"). We know the copy is done when the origin
       cluster has posted the new image data to the IMS, so we do an additional
       poll in the backend waiting for the image server to get the data, and
       then we mark the image as ready for use.