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    Fix another old, and significant, bug · 65506d22
    Robert Ricci authored
    Each pclass hold a mapping from type names to nodes of that type
    that are currently available for use. This structure was not being
    properly maintained; when a mapping was removed, only the entry
    for the pnodes *current* type was being put back. When the pnode
    goes empty, *all* of its possible types should be marked as available.
    The consequence was that for pnodes that could take on multiple types
    (which is the common case in Emulab), once a node had been considered
    for a certain type (say, 'pc', 'pcvm', or 'delay'), it would *never*
    be considered for another type again.
    Add a new function that gets called when a pnode goes empty, to reset
    *all* of its type mappings in its pclass.
    Fixing this bug could have some serious positive consequences.
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