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    Add support for sharing images between projects. New table called · 646b64f6
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    image_permissions stores access info for images. You can share an
    image with a user or a group (project), and you can specify write
    access to allow updating the image in place. Note that write access
    does not allow the descriptor to be modified, only the image itself.
    Well, that is how it will be after Mike changes mfrisbeed.
    The front end script to modify permissions is grantimage:
    	boss> grantimage -u stoller -w tbres,myimage
    	boss> grantimage -u stoller -w tbres,myimage
    which grants write access to stoller. Or:
    	boss> grantimage -g testbed,testbed tbres,myimage
    which grants access to the testbed project. Notice that you can
    specify subgroups this way.
    	boss> grantimage -l tbres,myimage
    will give you a list of current permissions. To revoke, just add -r
    	boss> grantimage -g testbed,testbed -r tbres,myimage
    Who is allowed to grant access to an image? 1) An adminstrator of
    course, 2) the image creator, and 3) any group_root in the group that
    the image belongs to. Being granted access to use an image does not
    confer permission to grant access to others.
    One last task; while the web interface displays the permissions, there
    is no web interface to modify the permissions; users will still have
    to ask us for now.