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    * Rewrote argument handling code to use getopt. · 6348a02e
    Austin Clements authored
    * Various improvements to new node stuff, including reworking node
      status updates so that they use the right table, and don't update
      vnodes that are alive (since their watchdog will do this).
    * Added renewal code to automatically renew all leases that are doing
      to expire within two days.
    * Moved Emulabification directly into the node abstraction.  Now the
      libplab wrapper scripts are all just plain wrapper scripts, instead
      of having the knowledge spread out
    * Switched from using a Plab-specific keypair to using the normal
      Emulab one, which makes it possible to use sshtb to Plab nodes.
    * Removed node booting code, since vnode_setup takes care of this.
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