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    Add the ability for libnetmon to only output certain reports - this · 5f290b2c
    Robert Ricci authored
    is so that when we use a monitor that doesn't care about, say, writes,
    we can avoid waisting the CPU required to parse them.
    The four supported reports are:
        connect - connect() and close() notifications
        sockopt - Information about socket options
        io - read()s and write()s
        all - Duh. The default if none are given
    You can specify reports by setting LIBNETMON_REPORTS or using the
    new -r option to netmond. If you want more than one report type,
    seperate them with commas.
    Added a new control message, CM_REPORTS, to pass these back and forth
    from netmond to libnetmon.
    Added a long overdue LIBNETMON_NETMOND option which just uses the
    standard socket paths to talk to netmond - this way, you don't have
    to set them by hand when debugging, which is a huge PITA.
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