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    Support "no NFS mount" experiments. · 5446760e
    Mike Hibler authored
    We have had the mechanism implemented in the client for some time and
    available at the site-level or, in special cases, at the node level.
    New NS command:
        tb-set-nonfs 1
    will ensure that no nodes in the experiment attempt to mount shared
    filesystems from ops (aka, "fs"). In this case, a minimal homdir is
    created on each node with basic dotfiles and your .ssh keys. There will
    also be empty /proj, /share, etc. directories created.
    One additional mechanism that we have now is that we do not export filesystems
    from ops to those nodes. Previously, it was all client-side and you could
    mount the shared FSes if you wanted to. By prohibiting the export of these
    filesystems, the mechanism is more suitable for "security" experiments.
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