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    This commit releates to the changes needed or exposed by checknode · 53ed66d8
    Dan Reading authored
    running in MFS mode on the d710 nodes which have been set up for
    TPM booting.
    Major issues:
    The MFS image for TPM booting is 32bit while other Linux MFS images
    are 64bit.
    The TPM kernel only supports 4Gb of memory, does not support
    checkutils: Make sure the dd to be run is bit-with compatiable with
    the image.
    cpucheck: Check and handle missing cpu flags "physical id",
    "cpu cores", "siblings". Check and handle different Mhz format.
    diskcheck: Differnet blocks/sectors format. Rewrite getwspeed and
    getspeed funtions to handle dd and tdd compatibility and/or missing
    binaries. Give better error messages for timing speed failures.