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    1. Beef up "admin mode" support. · 4ec701e7
    Mike Hibler authored
    * Add with routines for entering/exiting and executing
      commands in, the admin MFS.  Node admin and firewall swapout (see
      below) now use this, the image creation process does not yet.
    * Add swapout time hooks for running an admin mode process, likely to
      be used to collect swapout time state.  Currently controlled globally
      by two new sitevars.
    * Modified node_admin to use the library and added a "-c <command>"
      option to have nodes go into admin mode and run a command.  I don't
      really expect this to be useful, it was just a testing vehicle for
      the library.
    2. Improved the swapout process for firewalled experiments.  Largely
       just generalized what we already did for paniced experiments.
       At swapout, firewalled nodes are:
       - powered off
       - set to boot into admin mode and run a disk zapper
       - powered on
      The swapout process then waits for all nodes to successfully complete
      disk zapage, at which point the nodes are nfree'ed as usual.  Any
      failure of the above process, marks the experiment as panic'ed (to
      ensure that we are involved in cleanup) and sends mail to testbed-ops
      describing the state of the nodes.
    3. Added the aforementioned disk zapper, a little C program in the MFS
       which zeroes out the MBR and partition boot blocks (but not the MBR
       partition table or FS superblocks).  This is added insurance that if
       a node somehow gets diverted after being nfree'd but before getting
       the disk reloaded (e.g., goes to hwdown), that we cannot accidentally
       boot from the disk.  This program gets installed in the admin MFS.
    4. Related to firewalls, modified swapin to use the new documented
       "snmpit -N" to get the firewall VLAN number rather than parsing the
       output that was a side-effect of VLAN creation.