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    First pass at operational mode support for node states. · 4db415f5
    Robert Ricci authored
    Operational mode (op_mode in the database) affects the state diagram
    and timeouts for a node. Modes planned so far are:
    NORMAL    - Normal operation
    DELAYING  - Acting as a delay node
    UNKNOWNOS - Running an OS that does not report its state (OSKit kernels, etc.)
    RELOADING - Disk reloading
    stated now responds to to TBNODEOPMODE events, and sets database state
    accordingly. The set of state timeouts and valid state transitions are
    affected by a node's operational mode.
    The nodes table now stores information about operational modes, and
    the state_transitions and state_timeouts tables include the operational
    mode in addition to states.
    Next step will be to get the appropriate programs to send TBNODEOPMODE