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    Switch to "dynamic" creation of certain virtual nodes (jail/pcvm and · 4d5620c2
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    vserver/pcplab). Rather then 10000s of fixed node entries in the DB,
    create node entries on the fly as needed (assign_wrapper), and then
    delete them when they are no longer used (nfree). When new nodes check
    in, no longer create all those nodes table entries (utils/newnode.in
    and tbsetup/plab/libplab.py.in).
    I've added a new library: db/Node.pm which is something I started a
    while back, and decided to commit, along with the support for creating
    and deleting virtual nodes. CreateVnodes() creates a new set of nodes,
    choosing non-conflicting names in the DB, and then immediately
    reserves them to the pid/eid specified. DeleteVnodes takes a list of
    vnodes and deletes them from nodes,reserved,etc. This library does a
    few other things which I am going to be playing with, so you might
    want to go read the comment at the top of the file. Feel free to speak
    up. CreateVnodes() is from called assign_wrapper when a node type has
    the "isdynamic" property. Otherwise does the existing avail/nalloc
    stuff. DeleteVnodes() is called from nfree when the node type has the
    isdynamic property.
    I've added a script (sql/delvnodes.pl) to run after updating the DB
    and software. All free pcvm and pcplab virtual nodes are deleted from
    the DB; reserved ones will get deleted whenever their experiment ends.
    I've noted all of this in doc/UPDATING, including setting the
    isdynamic property on pcvm in the node_types table.
    I've left tbsetup/plab/libplab.py.in to create a single pcplab node
    for the management sliver (still called -20). We can worry about this
    All this for modelnet?