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    Introducing TMCD version 38! Returns additional "loadinfo" info. · 4a8604b1
    Mike Hibler authored
    New loadinfo returns:
    IMAGELOW, IMAGEHIGH: range of sectors covered by the image.
        This is NOT the same as what imageinfo or imagedump will show.
        For partition images, these low and high values are adjusted
        for the MBR offset of the partition in question. So when loading
        a Linux image, expect values like 6G and 12G. The intent here
        (not yet realized) is that these values will be used to construct
        an MBR/GPT on the fly, rather than using hardcode magic MBR versions.
        You can get the uncompressed size of the image with (high - low + 1).
    IMAGESSIZE: the units of the low/high values.
        Always 512 right now, may be 4096 someday.
    IMAGERELOC: non-zero if the image can be placed at an offset other
        than IMAGELOW (i.e., it can be relocated). This may or may not
        prove useful for dynamic MBR construction...we will see.
    Probably didn't need to bump the version here, but I am playing it safe.
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