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    Big update to the stats gathering code ... · 495f6803
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    This change attempts to make the stats gathering code more reliable by
    not relying on the testbed_stats records to reconstruct usage
    statistics.  The main source of errors and total confusion in the
    current stats code is that testbed_stats includes all the errors and
    transitions, from which I have to reconstruct what happened in order
    to determine usage by a project or user.
    The new stats code still generates the testbed_stats code, but actual
    usage is recorded as it happens, in the experiment_resources table, as
    swapins, swapouts, and swapmods occur. Its also much faster to compute
    the data for the tables in the web interface, not having to scan a
    zillion testbed_stats records in php.
    There is a time consuming update to the records that takes place with
    a lot of tables locked.