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    A bunch of lastlogin changes! The user and experiment information · 4658545e
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    pages now show the lastlogin info that is gathered from sshd syslog
    reporting to users. That info is parsed by security/genlastlog.c, and
    entered into the DB in the nodeuidlastlogin and uidnodelastlogin
    tables. If not obvious from the names, for each user we want the last time
    they logged in anyplace, and for each node we want the last time anyone
    logged into it. The latter is obviously more useful for scheduling
    purposes. All of the various images have new /etc/syslog.conf files,
    and the 6.2 got new sshd_configs (all cvsup'ed with kill -HUP). There
    is an entry in boss:/etc/crontab and users:/etc/syslog.conf. All of
    this is decribed in greater detail in security/genlastlog.c.