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    Add slots to virt_lans to rationalize the relationship between · 43a804e9
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    virt_lans and virt_nodes. The intent is to migrate away from
    the convention we use in virt_nodes:ips and virt_lans:member
    to a more acceptable representation (one that does not rely
    on textual conventions like space separated lists of colon
    seperated entities. Instead:
    		vname:	nodeA
    		vname:  link0
    		vport:  0
    		vname:  link1
    		vport:  1
    	alter table virt_lans add vnode varchar(32) NOT NULL default '' \
    		after vname;
    	alter table virt_lans add vport tinyint(3) NOT NULL default '0' \
    		after vnode;
            alter table virt_lans add ip varchar(15) NOT NULL default '' \
    		after vport;
    Then run this script to update these new fields from the
    existing ips,member slots. This must be run after installing
    the parser changes, or you can just run it again.
    This is a transitional phase; the old slots will be left in place
    until they are no longer used, at which time we will also add a
    unique key to the table (pid,eid,vname,vnode,vport). assign_wrapper
    will be the hardest to change, but other scripts should be easy.
    Whats vport about? Rather then rely on IP addresses to form a
    unique key, we use vport (a small integer) so that we can delay the
    IP assignment until later (after initial DB insertion).