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    Kevin Atkinson authored
    Set the charset for all emulab pages to utf-8 which is needed to
    display foreign names correctly.  Also added three rows to table_regex:
    tinytext_utf8, text_utf8, fulltext_utf8
    Enhanced form_defs.php:
      - Add Support for Textarea
      - Add Support for a vertical list, for example see Category in
      - Add support for dumping the form values in plain text, used in the
        email I send to testbed-ops.
      - Change Error Reporting text for subfields such as in a list so
        they also include the text from the outer field, for example in
        newosid "ping" will become "OS Features, ping".  I needed this
        since some of my subfields didn't have labels and it seamed like
        the right thing to do.
      - Set #return_value to 1 in FormRenderCheckBox if it not already
      - In FormRenderSelect, if the #value is not in the list add it to
        the end.
      - Add support for "display" type, to just display some text in the
      - Possibly some other little things I forgot about.
    New site variable PUBSUPPORT.
    Implement FS#201: Provide users a way to add a paper that used Emulab
    see (https://users.emulab.net/flyspray/?do=details&id=201), summary of
      - Controlled via the new site variable PUBSUPPORT.
      - The emulab_papers spread sheet is now frozen all new changes
        should be made using the new system.
      - New pages submitpub.php for users to submit a new publication
        with different views for admins and non-admins.
      - New page expubs.php to replace doc/expubs.html, lists publications
        in database.  Also allows admins to edit publications.
      - Project members can edit papers associated with the project as
        long as they have local_root or higher privileges. Papers for a
        project are listed under a new tab in the showproject page. I keep
        track of the last person to edit the paper submission in addition
        to who initially submitted it.
      - Users can modify papers they submitted which is needed if the
        project was N/A. Papers users submitted now appear in a new tab in
        the showuser page.
      - Script to import spreadsheet to the database is in
      - Changes web pages that point to doc/expubs.html to instead point
        to expubs.php