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    Timothy Stack authored
    Event system documentation and tweaks:
    	* event/sched/event-sched.c: The snapshot event got left out of
    	the list of events that send back a complete event.  If a top
    	level sequence stops with an error, automatically send a report.
    	* event/sched/group-agent.c, event/sched/timeline-agent.c: When
    	handling a complete event, return true if the event was consumed.
    	* event/sched/ Clean the "/local/logs" loghole on
    	the node before taking a snapshot of the disk image.
    	* event/sched/, event/sched/simulator-agent.h:
    	Made send_report non-static so it can be called when a sequence
    	errors out.  Actually check the clear flag when dumping report
    	* lib/libtb/tbdefs.c: Add a comment about updating the event
    	scheduler when a new object type is added.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/ Check the OSIDs passed to the "reload"
    	and "snapshot-to" events.
    	* utils/loghole.1: Mention early and often the directories that
    	gets sync'd.  Document the 'change' action and new options for
    	* utils/ Use rsync's '--include-from' option so we
    	don't have to run rsync separately for each directory.  Add a
    	'change' action that lets people mess with the metadata of an
    	existing archive.  Make the 'clean' action also remove log files
    	on the nodes.  Only rsync node's whose OS's support ssh.  Grab
    	logs from delay nodes.
    	* www/tutorial/advanced.html: Update the program agent examples to
    	use the new form.
    	* www/tutorial/eventsystem.html: First cut at an event system
    	reference manual that includes sequences, timelines, and other
    	new features.
    	* www/tutorial/loghole.html: Just a pointer to the man page on ops
    	for now.
    	* www/tutorial/nscommands.html: Add a section about capturing
    	parameters from the 'opt' array.
    	* xmlrpc/ Add an method that
    	returns information about a single OSID.