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    Kirk Webb authored
    The revived Plab interface is here!
    Lots of updates to the plab backend, including improved plab <-> elab node
    id translation and update handling.  Includes support for the current PLC
    API, and the new pl_conf node manager interface API.  Several more db library
    routines were ported from the perl library to the python one to support the
    new code (mostly the node_id tracking stuff).  Fixes to the client side and
    also a rootball creation cleanup (binaries removed from the CVS repo).
    There are also enhancements to the experiment view page for experiments
    including plab nodes: site and widearea hostname are now displayed along
    with the other node information.
    Note that the way setup timeout for vnodes is calculated has been changed a
    bit.  Instead of using a hardwired base timeout, the base timeout is now
    based on the reload_waittime database field, which comes from the 'OS'
    (e.g., FBSD-JAIL, RHL-PLAB) the vnode runs.
    The default max duration for a plab slice created through the plab_ez interface
    is set to 1 year, and linktest is currently disabled and hidden through
    the ez interface.
    There is still work to do, but this checkin brings with it a functional
    plab portal!