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    Redo the Edit Experiment Metadata page; turned it into a standard form · 3f56ba9b
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    based page that looks like the original Begin Experiment page. Be sure
    to look at the page in both admin mode and non-admin mode since I had
    some trouble determining how swappable is treated these days.
    Oh, added the ability to convert non-batch experiments into batch, and
    back. The experiment must be unlocked and in the swapped state to go
    in either direction.
    Also added the cpu_usage and mem_usage slots for editing. I added a
    comment about planetlab only, since otherwise we would just confuse
    normal users who have no idea what they mean. I could conditionalize
    them on having plab nodes, but thats difficult to figure out in the
    web page when the experiment is swapped out, so lets not worry about
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