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    Changes to make it easier for ProtoGeni users! · 3dac3cb8
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * When generating an encrypted SSL certificate, derive an SSH public
      key from the private key and store in the pubkeys table for the
      user. Note that SSH version 2 RSA keys are actually just openssl RSA
      keys, and that ssh-keygen can extract an ssh compatible public key
      from it.
    * Change getsslcert.php3 to return the ssh private and public key when
      give the "ssh" boolean argument. This is mostly for the benefit of
      Flack; we probably need a better UI for the user to get this stuff. 
    * Remove the requirement that users must upload an SSH key to use
      protogeni, since we now create one for them when they create their
      encrypted SSL certificate.
    * Some cleanup; instead of looking at the comment field to determine
      what pubkeys are Emulab created (and should not be deleted), use new
      internal and nodelete flags.
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