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    Changes to do auto re-swap of expts with simnodes when an nse on a simhost · 375f87c1
    Shashi Guruprasad authored
    (or more than one simhost) is unable to keep up with real-time. It includes
    changes to assign_wrapper to handle swap modify for simnodes, the simple
    algorithm in nseswap that bumps up the nodeweight of simnodes being hosted
    on a simhost that reports "can't keep up with real-time" (aka nse violation),
    ptopgen and sim.tcl to prefer nodes that already have the FBSD-NSE image.
    Also, changes to other files to send out NSESWAP event.
    One unrelated change: We now have per-swapin .top files and assign.log
    files along with .ptop files. This helps in debugging across multiple
    swapins since files remain in the form of
    <pid>-<eid>-<process_id>.{top,ptop} and assign-<pid>-<eid>-<process_id>.log
    Also useful for archiving.