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    My attempt to improve swapmod ... · 3593d9c6
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    Previously, any error in assign wrapper would cause the experiment to
    swap out because the "DB had been modified" ... well I have isolated
    all of the changes that are made, and errors in assign_wrapper proper
    no longer do that. tbswap now restores the experiment back the way it
    was. Not that errors after assign_wrapper (like in os_setup) are still
    a problem.
    In addition, rather then kill off all of the vlans, leave them in
    place and then do a comparison after assign wrapper, removing obsolete
    and modified vlans only. I have made use of the obsolete vlans table
    for this by having snmpit track its changes in that table. There is a
    bunch of new code in Lan.pm for doing the comparisons.
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