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    Lots of changes. · 349db7bf
    Mac Newbold authored
    First, fix up the isup generation code. When a node/OS doesn't send its
    own isups, but is pingable, we need to fork and ping it, and send ISUP
    when it pings. The code was there, but was broken. This fixes it. The one
    time that it may cause errant messages is in modes other than MINIMAL.
    When we get BOOTING, we check if it needs isup generated. If we have to
    ping it, when it pings we send ISUP. This means that if we are really in
    NORMAL mode, we might send ISUP before the node sends REBOOTED (or TBSETUP
    in NORMALv1), and it would look funny. But that case will be really rare,
    since everything that sends REBOOTED or TBSETUP has no reason not to send
    ISUP itself.
    Second, after mailbombing myself a couple of times, Kirk and I decided I'd
    better put some throttling in the notification code that stated uses. So
    now it throttles itself and digests the messages if they're sent too close
    together. The first message it gets will get sent immediately. If the next
    one is long enough after that, it sends it immediately too. If a message
    comes too soon after sending one, we queue it up, and send it later
    after enough time has passed. Currently it is set to wait 5 seconds
    between messages, so it will send up to 12 per second, and wait no more
    than 5 seconds before sending a message that is queued up.
    (Something similar to this may be a nice thing in the rest of our stuff,
    but it was made a lot easier by the fact that stated already had a polling
    loop in it. Without that, you'd have to use alarms or some other weird
    thing, which would be painful.)