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    New features: · 2d7b6b82
    Robert Ricci authored
        Accept [switch.]<module>/<port> format for ports, so that we can
    	deal with ports not in the database (mostly for my own
    	debugging sanity.)
        A -n option that prevents assign from changing hardware settings
        	(though, unlike TESTMODE, does read some information from
    	the switches)
        Private VLAN support, through the -x,-y, and -z switches. There
    	are only 5 letters of the alphabet left, so I've given up on
    	memnonic switches.
        Worked a bit on making VLAN deletion more efficient, but with
        	little sucess
    Private VLANs work like so:
    Make a primary private VLAN with:
    snmpit -m myvlan-primary -y primary
    Attach a community VLAN to it like so:
    snmpit -m myvlan-community -y community -x myvlan-primary -z cisco2.1/15
    Put some ports into the community VLAN:
    snmpit -m myvlan-community pc1:0 pc2:0